An important part of the Anniversary Event are the tour routes; After all, we all want to ride in our Morgan. Fortunately, as an organizing team, we are well known in the region and we know how to find the necessary nice roads and put them on paper.

We ensure that one of the routes takes you towards Paleis 't Loo. There is also a variant in the direction of Museum Kröller-Müller. Other beautiful quiet touring routes have been written about various Hanseatic cities such as Hattem and Deventer and e.g. along the remains of the IJssellinie dating from the cold war. The shortest route to the pick-up point for the cable car that will lead you to the Floriade site will also be waiting for you. We have already heard from various foreign guests that they do not want to miss the opportunity to visit this special event during their stay in the Netherlands. After all, it can only be done once every ten years.

But gradually there are also questions and special requests that we would like to respond to; the guest is king isn't he!

One such special request came from the United Kingdom;  Whether there was a route to the Ginkelse Heide and the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek? And if you expect so many English Morganeers and you think that the guest always comes first, then you will work on making that route along all those memorable places that  played such a radical role during Operation Market Garden ...........


In order to leave enough space to visit the Airborne Museum in Villa Hartenstein in Oosterbeek (visitors are strongly advised to register their ticket and visiting time in advance via the website of the museum we have described a smooth approach route in which we first visit Dropzone Y on the Ginkelse Heide. Successively, the route takes you further along the Westerbouwing, the Airborne Museum and the various monuments positioned around it and the John Frost Bridge. Very worthwhile is also the monument on the (Lower) Rhine where some 2400 cornered paratroopers managed to make the crossing from the Oude Kerk on the Benedendorpsweg (operation "Berlin") with the help of the pleasure troops supported by the Poles led by General Sosabowski and finally the information center in Driel, better known as "the Poles of Driel"........ Via the ferry at Wageningen and the Telefoonweg in Heelsum, located between Dropzone X and Z, we then drive back along the last memorable piece of heathland where the Horsa Gliders partly managed to land but also partly crashed ............

As a point of attention, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that, partly due to the corona measures, it is necessary to reserve your visiting time in advance at various locations and to purchase your ticket for this. You can already do this on the various websites involved, such as those of the Floriade, and those of the Airborne museum,

We also advise you to consult the sites of Museum Kröller-Müller,, the IJssellinie,, Paleis 't Loo, and the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij, yourself and to reserve your times. Paleis 't Loo is currently closed for a large-scale renovation and renovation but will reopen its doors to visitors in time for our lustrum. After this renovation, a visit to the palace will be very worthwhile!